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How to keep my box customers' motivated?

How to keep my box customers' motivated?
  • By GestionaTuBox

It's as important to attract customers for your box as to maintain them and one of the solutions for the latter is to get them motivated.

Studies have shown that approximately 50% of people who start a training program leave during the first 6 months.

This means that if you don’t keep your customers motivated over time, they’ll leave the box. And now you’re wondering, how do I motivate my customers?

Here are some tips to motivate your customers:

  • Set a schedule

There are many people who have or do to have the full agenda, the thing is to have time for everything but to practice sport. That’s why it’s important for your customers to save time to practice Crossfit, just as they would schedule a working meeting.

Therefore they should look for a schedule that suits them always or almost always not to break with the routine. Another option is also, in the case that you have your own app, to offer more flexibility to customers so that they can book the class improvised or with little time to the time of the class. So they won’t break any commitments because they can’t go at the usual time.

  • Offer rewards/incentives

The first step is to go to your box and once this happens don't forget that the motivation must be maintained somehow. This can be done through rewards or incentives, you can do it with aptitude or resistance tests, increase the records they are registering on paper or in the app in the case of having one, etc. and give them something in return as a shirt of your center.

  • Realistic objetives

Customers of your crossfit center may have internal motivations (enjoyment, development of specific skills, personal satisfation,etc.) or external motivations (social acceptance, fear of being judged, etc.). Those in the first group will get the motivation with the practice of sport while those in the other group will get to it through rewards that are beyond exercise.

For this reason it's important that the goals are realistic, that is, they must be achievable in terms of time, energy and physical form. This way every month customers will see a reward and this will keep him motivated.

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