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Avoid these 4 mistakes if you want a successful crossfit center

Avoid these 4 mistakes if you want a successful crossfit center
  • By GestionaTuBox

Many people think that opening a Crossfit center achieves success on its own and it isn't; the road is hard.

In addition, we have the habit of focusing on the ideas that must be carriedout for the business to work properly, but, few are the times we stop to think about the things that we must avoid when managing a box. For this reason I name some aspects that you should avoid:

Low diversification of services

Diversification is one of the basic principles to consider when becoming an entrepeneur. By this I mean, if your business depends only on the income you get on the late shift, your business will go under if this fails.

Therefore, it's advisable to diversify into services such as offering weight and nutrition monitoring, training with personal trainer or even having different rates to suit different types of customers. Don't just offer crosstraining and icerase your services to get more funding and profit.

GestionaTuBox, the software specialized in Crossfit centers, allows you to create as many rates as you want and has an online store where you can reach everywhere without limits.

Lack of planning

Hundreds of companies live daily and don't have the capacity to plan their business. One of the problems that sports business usually have is the planning of collections and payments. Nothing that isn't solved with proper planning.

We highlight, and it isn't foolish, companies that charge fees on different dates depending on how much the customer signed up. It's best to collect feesat the beggining or end of the month, but all at once. The solution is very simple, to prorate those fees of people who begin at the middle of the month. This way you will have all your incoe sorted and planned on specific date.

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GestionaTuBox is a software for the comprehensive management of CrossFit centers: payment of fees, purchase of vouchers, management of reservations and waiting lists, loyalty system, groups of communication, sports routines, nutrition and weight control... and a host of other features! You only have to register your members, set a schedule with your classes, and you can start working with GestionaTuBox! If you need more information, do not hesitate to visit our website or fill out our contact form. Also, you can register now and get 30 days FREE.
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