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How do you go about routine without dying trying?

How do you go about routine without dying trying?
  • By GestionaTuBox

After a well-deserved holiday it's time to return to reality and start our beloved routine again.

We all know how difficult is the transition that you have to go through after a holiday leaving aside many routine habits. Even more difficult is the return to the box.

Whether we like it or not, during the holidays we practice sedentarism. During this time training hasn't been our priority, and as much as we practice water activities sporadically or hiking, our body suffer it.

Therefore, it is important that as we plan the holidays, we plan the return of these. You should explain to your customers some sports routines that progress until their bodies return to the state in which they were. GestionaTuBox allows you to create as many routines as you want.

  • Sleep routine:

We’ve probably been sleeping late, late at night a lot, napping a few times, or napping on the beach. Sleep is one of the most important things of recovery, both physical and mental. We must sleep between 7/9 hours a day, so we must watch the time we go to bed.

  • Food:

The feeling of heaviness, that surely feel many of your customers after the lunches of these months, should disappear and this will do with some changes. It is not necessary to make a strict diet, but a varied diet that includes many vegetables and fruits.

  • Cross Fit:​

¡And here we are! I stress that customers should be aware that right now they are less fit when they left. That means the bodies won't lift the same weight as before, or run as long or as fast as before. With patience, technique and perseverance, I promise that the return will be more bearable.

Finally, I wanted to let you know that, due to all the excesses of the summer, September is the months with the highest rate of hiring in sports centers so it takes advantage of the circumstances.

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