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Requirements to open a Crossfit centre in Spain

Requirements to open a Crossfit centre in Spain
  • By GestionaTuBox

The requirements to open a Crossfit box in Spain depend on the autonomous community in which you want to establish. There are many factors that vary the need to open a new crosstraining center.

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Business Plan

It's a document that will identify and plan the objectives and viability of your company. It must include detailed information about the identity of the business, the operation and the potential for growth. It doesn't have to be too extensive, it should simply serve to clarify and order the ideas of the present and future of the company.

To prepare your business plan these questions can be of great help:

- What are the initial and fixed costs?

- What is your target market?

- How will you make yourself known? How will you reach your potential customers?

- How much will you charge your customers?

- What will be your sources of funding?

- Rent or buy premise?

Box's name and commercial entity

This's one of the first steps of any business. Think about what you want to convey to your community, draw attention and make it attractive. What do you want to call your box?

On the other hand, any business needs to choose its legal form. Normally the owners of Crossfit boxes begin by registering as self-employed and once the business starts and the viability is proven, change the legal form to Sociedad Limitada (S.L.).

For these procedures, I recommend that you go to an advisory office to inform you of the legal procedures and requirements necessary in your community.

Occupation risk prevention plan

Another requirement will be the obligation to respect the legislation on workers. To do so, a technician must be required to:

  • Evaluate the possible damages and risks of the business in question.
  • Make a budget to incorporate small safety measures, which will help your workers to be safe.

See the Occupational Risk Prevention Act for more information.

Obtaining certifications and joining Crossfit

If you want your box to be officially affiliated with CrossFit® you must obtain some certifications before opening the business. Leave is paid annually.

Minimum certifications: this certification is obtained through a weekend course and costs $1,000 per person.

Affiliate your box to CrossFit®: once the coaches are certified, you can open your box. The license cost to use the brand is $3,000.

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