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Promote your box and win

Promote your box and win
  • By GestionaTuBox

Want to attract more customers to your Cross Fit center? Then you need to promote your box. So we’re going to help you with this blog post to make a good promotion. Would you like to know more and create a promotion strategy? Here you go.

Why promote your fitness center?

Promotions are paths that lead us to win customers for your box, while increasing the visibility of your business and getting to know you more public.

Help you get to know more people

This idea is focused on the long term, doesn't mean that at the moment you will get hundreds of customers in a couple of weeks. But popularity and knowledge drive potential customers unconsciously into their minds. New customers will therefore start arriving in the future.

You’ll get new customers

The more people interested in sports (potential customers) know where you are and what you offer will increase the list of partners. These processes aren't overnight, but sooner or later it will come.

Reinforce your brand image

Does your box have modern and spacious facilities? Is it affordable? Thanks to advertising you not only offer your services, you also become known as a company and explain who you are.

Tips for promoting your box

Once you know the advertising benefits of your sports center, you’ll want to know how to promote yourself.

- Think about what your target audience is looking for: this means that you have to stop to think like them, to know them, to know their needs and tastes...

- Create quality and useful content: social media, a website, blog or SEO positioning are essential.

- Create offers and discounts to boost your promotions: offers are eye-catching for both customers and potential customers.

In addition to these tips we recommend you get a Management Software specialized in Cross Fit centers. You must find one that facilitates everything previously spoken, also to automating the management of your business in general as it's GestionaTuBox.

With GestionaTuBox you can have online presence because it offers a website that you will manage yourself in a very simple way so you can carry out SEO techniques, this website has a section for anyone interested in the center can auto register, Blog, etc. It also has several ways of attracting customers such as discount codes that you can create, points system for your customers if they invite potential customers...

In case you are interested...

GestionaTuBox is a software for the comprehensive management of CrossFit centers: payment of fees, purchase of vouchers, management of reservations and waiting lists, loyalty system, groups of communication, sports routines, nutrition and weight control... and a host of other features! You only have to register your members, set a schedule with your classes, and you can start working with GestionaTuBox! If you need more information, do not hesitate to visit our website or fill out our contact form. Also, you can register now and get 30 days FREE.
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